Virtual fitting room

espejo virtual sup art

         The evolution of ICT in the footwear sector follows an upward trend evolving in different areas. Specifically, the new technologies in the physical point of sale are progressing, providing clear advantages for both the buyer and the business. And an example of this are the virtual fitting rooms, a high value solution that the CTCR has developed for one of the pioneering firms in the sector, Callaghan.

The project, developed by the Footwear Technology Center of La Rioja and the aforementioned footwear firm, demonstrates that the industry is not indifferent to the fourth industrial revolution, and therefore, the CTCR has incorporated this new line of research within its ICT department, based on virtualization.

In this regard, the virtual shoe tester, recently presented by the company itself, is composed of a large screen, which simulates to be a full body mirror, where the user is reflected by a series of sensors that allow to try on selected shoes that the user has not yet been able to touch or which even aren’t in the store.

Following a simple process of navigation guided by the system itself, the user will confirm the information regarding the model and size he wants to try on. Next, the sensors will detect the position of the person standing in front of the screen and show on the screen the person with chosen shoe model. The system is easily usable, what is one of its main features, allowing the user to return to the main menu and start again just with a simple hand movement.

The virtual fitting room functions through a combination of synchronized video techniques, Kinect sensors and the most advanced algorithms of image decompression and parallel processing of graphics, all specially developed by the CTCR. Also, a natural user interface has been developed so that no extra elements are needed for navigating the menus.

This innovative technology does not seek to replace the actual shoe testing, but it has important benefits for companies, since it will allow to carry out further studies on the products that most interest the customers, their percentage of success in sales and even to verify the first reactions of buyers and the initial response to models not yet launched. The consumer will feel an improvement in the purchasing process as they will live a more attractive experience when receiving assistance from a personal virtual shopper.

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