Positive step-by-step towards the development of intelligent footwear prototypes for the elderly

                                   Maturo newsnot jul19    Maturo newsnot jul19 2

      During this week is taking place in Istanbul the periodic meeting of the European project Horizon2020 Maturolife, in which 20 partners from 9 different countries participate. This time the meeting organised by the Turkish partner GEDS have received the visit of the EC Project Officer, who has verified in situ the progress made during the first 18 months of the project, which will last until the end of 2020.

During these days, several presentations, a seminar on results exploitation and a workshop on the management of the project have been developed. Real-time demonstrations of both smart furniture and footwear were also carried out, showing on screen the data measured by the sensors integrated in the pre-prototypes that have been developed and their interaction with the big data platform.

Definitive prototypes including selectively metallized textiles will soon be developed, in order to obtain products that are totally adapted to the needs, requirements and aesthetic preferences of the elderly and that also offer functionalities that allow them to enjoy better quality of life and health conditions.


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